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Mission Trips

Our church provides the opportunity for our congregation to participate in ministry trips to places around the world and in the U.S. The past several years we have led teams of volunteers to work sites in Honduras, Costa Rica, and a number of sites in the continental United States. The types of ministry vary with each trip.  Some are primarily medical care, while others are more about building churches, parsonages, and other structures. Often our trips include interactive "street ministry" where we distribute food and hygiene supplies, put on evangelistic puppet shows, and pray with the needy. If you are a traveler with a heart for missions, contact the church office about our upcoming trips.


For mission trip information, contact the church office

Guatamala 2019 - Arrival day
Guatamala 2019 - San Martin
Guatamala 2019 - Candelaria
Guatamala 2019 - Palmarcito
Guatamala 2019 -Ocosito 
Guatamala 2019 - Juan 3:16
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