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World Evangelism Fund - Our church is committed to supporting our Nazarene missionaries around the world.  We do this primarily through our World Evangelism Fund, which is donated by our congregation in one of several ways: There is a Thanksgiving Offering in November every year, and an Easter Offering in the early Spring.


An alternate way of giving to this work is by Faith Promise, where congregation members give a designated amount each week to the World Evangelism Fund.  Regardless of how they are collected, all of these monies are sent in their entirety to pay the salaries of the over 600 Nazarene missionaries worldwide in 150 world areas.

Alabaster Offering - This is a special offering received in February and September that is used only for the construction of buildings for ministry worldwide.  It purchases building materials for churches, hospitals, parsonages, orphanages and colleges. Our church provides "alabaster boxes" in which you and your family members can save change or other money to give to the alabaster offering.   To learn more about how Alabaster offering came about and what it does:

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