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    (Updated March 2024)

Preschool Enrollment

  • Deposit and tuition fees are to be made payable to Pierpont Christian Preschool.  Checks may be brought to the school or mailed to: Pierpont Christian Preschool, 52 Harner Run, Morgantown, WV 26508.  NOTE: (Please include student's name & class/session on the check)

  • If tuition has not been paid by the 15th of the month, a notice will be sent home as a reminder of balance due.

  • Admission to the K3 program requires that the student be three years old by July 1st of that academic year and be fully potty-trained (independent in the restroom).

  • Admission to the K4 program requires that the student be four years old by July 1st of that academic year and be fully potty-trained (independent in the restroom).

  • While our programs are specifically for three- OR four-year-olds, we realize that this could include some adjustments, depending on when they plan to enter Kindergarten.

  • A certified copy of the child’s State issued birth certificate MUST be attached to the registration form for all new enrollees. A county issued birth certificate will suffice until a state issued birth certificate can be obtained.

  • If the child was born the state of West Virginia and you need help obtaining the required birth form download it from  

  • Pierpont Christian Preschool will make every effort to protect the health and safety of its students. Cooperation of parents in helping to prevent the spread of communicable diseases is of great importance. For the child’s protection, and the protection of others, immunizations must ALWAYS be kept current. A copy of the child’s immunization record and a signed statement from the child’s doctor stating that immunizations are current MUST be submitted.

  • In keeping with our goal to provide a safe environment for the children, every child must be signed in at the time of drop-off & signed out when the child is picked up.

  • Each form in the enrollment packet MUST be kept current at all times. The preschool director and/or teacher must be notified about any changes to the emergency forms, student and family information, as well as any authorized individuals who may pick-up the student from the preschool.

  • A $150.00 deposit ($270.00 per family of two or more children enrolled) is payable at the time of enrollment. This fee must accompany the student’s registration forms and is nonrefundable. All checks are to be made payable to Pierpont Christian Preschool, marked “Registration Fee” and notated with your child’s name and class/session.

  • Each family will be given a parent handbook at the time of enrollment. The handbook will include pertinent information regarding the school policies, class events calendar, and program expectations.

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